Who is Smart Joseph Hopewell?

Dyslexic Writer/Producer/Pastor

He is a Dyslexic narrative writer, encourager, creative storyteller and consaultant based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Smart's work combines a rich blend of writing/producing, and storytelling.

Providing entertaining and educational podcasts, videos docu series to inspire, uplift, and encourage viewers with a message of hope. His mission is to help neuro-creatives and creatives to discover their inner value by offering the right tools, tips, and resources empowering them to do the impossible.

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"No matter what you are facing, in life right now! You can do all things"

More about Smart:

I have always been an encourager through and through. Having battled with being neurodiverse, bullying, mental health issues and overcoming many aspects of that struggle I can related to those who are facing something similar.

Growing up as a missionary kid and a PK (Pastors Kid) has taught me a lot trusting that there is a plan for my life far greater than I can imagine in who God has made me. My mission is to encourage and support creatives who need that extra push, an encouger to help you move tot he next level with their creative endevour.

Brand design and marketing has been part of my speciality for 15+ years supporting charities, entraprenueurs, students, companies, and creatives by helping them to connect the dots and stand out from the crowd.

Catch Up With My Content

Join on weekly on Tuesdays for my live Twitter Spaces where I talked about the creative life and how to overcome hang ups and helpful resources that could help you to share your story, stand out from the crowd, and monetize your content.

Or tune in to my YouTube channel for my original Destiny series designed to encourage and uplift you in your everyday life.